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Tig helped me address my issues with setting boundaries and accepting my own self worth. Having participated in other types of talk therapy I thought it would be similar and wasn’t really sure how the horses would figure into the work. I was very surprised by the depth of feelings that were elicited through working with Tig and her horses, it was quite unexpected and at times, for me, deeply profound.

I continue to work on the issues that arose through my sessions with Tig, and use her strategies to support my personal emotional well being and development. 

I found the sessions to be extremely helpful and would recommend anyone to see Tig and have sessions with her. She was extremely easy to talk to even about the most personal embarrassing upsetting issues, I found her to be non-judgemental and wise without inputting too much of herself into the session and of course her horses are just wonderful! I can’t recommend Tig and her work highly enough it seems. 

Rosalind H.

I have always loved horses and enjoyed working with them when I was a teenager growing up. I experienced some difficulties when I was in my 20’s which led me to becoming quite unwell. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for a very long time. Recently I was encouraged to participate in some activities with Tig and her beautiful mare Ruby at Stable Change.The experience has brought back a lot of happy memories for me and I feel good.

The connection I am making with Tig and Ruby has encouraged me to reflect on how my own behaviour and sense of self impacts everything I do. Somehow Ruby understands me and I am listening to her. She makes me feel calm and I am motivated to focus upon myself and find out what I need to do to live a happy life without the anxiety.

I have a lot of work to do but I now have someone with 4 legs to help me through whilst Tig is supporting me to understand myself again.

 Brett W.

I have found my sessions very educational, and sometimes confronting to me in terms of what they allowed me to 'release' mentally and emotionally.  Such a sense of calm and complete 'being in the moment' which I have been searching for, for some time. Developing a bond and understanding with the horses has really helped my mental and emotional well being, in a stable and steady way.  I would thoroughly recommend "Stable Change" to anyone, even people who are wary of horses, to help develop positive change within their lives.

Steve S.

I have been so impressed with the professionalism and support shown by Tig to one of my clients who has a mental health illness and has been experiencing significant difficulties in his life. The opportunity to attend the one to one program offered by Stable Change has already significantly impacted his life in a positive way.  The surroundings are beautiful with a sense of calm that has allowed us both to relax, connect and enjoy being back in nature with the horses.

I have noticed an almost instant change in my clients motivation, health and wellbeing as he embarks on the counselling provided by Tig. The sessions are very hands on with the horse with Tig encouraging and supporting my client to breath and to reflect upon the response of his interaction. 

Tig shows such a great interest in the individual and allows the time for the connection to be made with herself, the client and the horse. This experience will no doubt impact my clients future and support him to be able to live his best possible life. I highly recommend this reflective learning and counselling with Tig, the horses and everyone from Stable Change.

Sarah P. (Carer supporting Client)

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