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Corporate Sessions

We are excited to be able to offer you a unique one-day leadership experience where you will be encouraged to look at leadership

completely differently. Our events are free of jargon and instead we focus on and explore the personal attributes each individual needs in order to be effective as a leader. 


The horses help us in practising those skills. A s herd and flight animals, they are always looking for a safe and reliable leader. Horses live in a world of honesty, trust, open communication and do not judge each other. These are some of the traits that we hope to have as a leader or aspiring leader. 

During the course of our workshop the horses will show you in their response to each individual in the group, whether they feel that each person is present, authentic, keeps them safe and communicates clearly what you would like the horses to do.  


80% of all our communication with each other is non-verbal. As we don’t have a common language with the horses, participants learn to be more aware and more clear in their body language and to make change happen without having to say anything.

You will be introduced to a herd and invited to communicate with them on their terms, but in a way that makes sense to both you

and the herd. During the day you will need to be comfortable with the unknown and will you rely on trust and empathy to achieve results with your equine team. 


You Can Benefit...

This program is different to other leadership programs in that you will spend the entire day doing rather than listening.


You will experience things like empathy, trust, honesty and non-verbal communication first hand together with your equine partner. We know that the lessons you will take away about yourself will be applicable to both your personal and professional life.   

 This program is perfect for a leader looking to expand their self-awareness or for a team leader wanting to develop psychological safety and emotional intelligence in themselves and their team. 


Our equine trainers are experienced coaches, leadership facilitators and seasoned leaders.The herd of horses that you will be working with are all selected for their intelligence, temperament, and of course, their individuality.  


As leaders ourselves, we understand the demands being made on the leader of today and that self-awareness is now a key part of any leader's personal and professional development plan. This day will accelerate that plan and even better, be a totally different and enjoyable day in a beautiful natural setting.


They program is suitable for anyone with or without horse experience. We do have an indoor arena is the weather is not in our favour.

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