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Group Sessions

We also offer other group events designed around the need of your group. They can be a full day or a part day events. They can focus on issues such as these:

  • Working with breath and body awareness - calming the nervous system, being aware of body sensations, noticing patterns in posture, behaviour, blocks, communicating without words.

  • Working with feelings - noticing, naming, feeling, expressing and letting go of feelings.

  • Working with Thoughts and Beliefs - noticing, naming and exploring patterns of thinking, self-talk and meaning-making in one’s life, exploring core beliefs about oneself and others.

  • Setting Goals, developing Healthy Boundaries - being clear about your “yes” and “no” and noticing others boundaries, bringing clarity to your own vision and goals.

  • Building Healthy Relationships - noticing communication patterns, enhancing clarity, being present, letting go of past issues.

  • Facing Life’s Challenges - in whichever form they may come.


Your Group Can Benefit...

This program is perfect for groups of people who would like to come together and enjoy experiencing the benefits of horses. We welcome all community groups including veterans, men's sheds, women groups, first responders or just groups of friends.


We are happy to work with groups who might share common issues such as depression, anxiety or other issues.

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