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Tig Lungershausen Dr. (jur). LLM

I am passionate to provide a safe space for people to heal, grow and explore what is important to their lives, in the powerful presence of horses. I will work with you to tailor unique personal experiences to support your personal goals.


I have trained as an equine assisted therapy and learning practitioner with the Equine Psychotherapy Institute. I am an accredited counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and I have been deeply involved with horses for many years. I am continuously amazed how much the horses give to me and teach me. It has helped me to face life’s challenges (mostly) from a place of inner calm, strength and confidence. I want to share this with my clients.

Brooke McMullen

Brooke (Chookie) has many years of experience with horses and she helps look after the horses every need. They all adore her.

Horse and woman in field.jpg

Before I set out on this journey with my horses, I had a corporate career and worked in Asia for many years. I therefore also have a robust understanding of the professional challenges which may arise for clients.


Matt Wilson

Matt helps guide the corporate sessions. He is an experienced leadership coach, a thoughtful horseman and an army veteran. 


Our Horses

We share our property with a small herd horses who are each very different and have their own distinct personalities. They each bring their special talents to every session.

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