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Why Horses?

Being with horses encourages you to stay present. As prey animals, horses have evolved to be extremely aware of their environment. They respond to our body language and other non-verbal cues with immediate authenticity and give us valuable insight and feedback about how we are, how we present ourselves and how we relate to others. They are highly sensitive and walk with us without judgement. They allow us to experience and try out new ways of being, encouraging us to shed behaviours which no longer serve us well.


You can’t control a horse, it is too big and and too powerful. We have to find ways to work together. Approaching a horse allows us to reflect on how we approach our relationships and how we face obstacles in our lives. Learning to use your clear boundaries and mental focus to direct a large powerful horse, may increase your confidence, clarity of purpose and a sense of personal power.


Horses are herd animals who live in complex social environments and are in constant communication with each other. They seek leaders and encourage us to develop qualities such as calmness, awareness, confidence, compassion, acceptance and connection.

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