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What is the difference between Equine Assisted Therapy & Equine Assisted Learning

Equine Assisted Therapy is a professional, innovative and experiential approach to counselling and psychotherapy offered by registered counsellors and psychotherapists that supports clients in addressing therapeutic goals with the horses as assistants and teachers in the process.


Equine Assisted Learning is a unique approach to experiential learning, where clients are offered safe experiences with horses in order to develop personal, social, emotional or relationship skills, enhance their quality of life or develop professional skills (e.g. leadership and team building). It is a way to learn skills from the way of the horse which we can then integrate into other life domains. It addresses issues such as: being and remaining calm, improving awareness, setting boundaries, building healthy relationships, dealing with feelings and facing life's challenges.


At Stable Change we offer both approaches and we will discuss with each client what their personal learning / therapy goals may be.

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